What is an invitation code?

The invitation code is used by the website to prevent users from maliciously registering IDs, and it may also be used for internal testing before the product is officially launched.
A registration system for friends to invite friends. Each invitation code can be used once or even multiple times.
Posted by administrators or moderators. The invitation code system is similar to CLUB's membership recommendation system. Invitation codes generally consist of more than 6-10 digits
Numbers and letters are randomly composed and cannot be cracked.

What is the role of the invitation code?

A special pass is required for registration - an invitation code
(full name: invitation registration code), the invitation code is equivalent to the registration code you need to enter with a software, it is the same as the real life
The invitation card is a function. Only after receiving the invitation code, can you register an account to become the next level of friends. Mutual friends can profit at the same time.
When the platform or website opens the invitation registration, the invitation code becomes a necessary condition for registering the platform or website. To register an ID,
A valid invitation code must be obtained, and the general registration function is generally suspended at this time.

How to use the invitation code?

After the invitee receives the information containing the invitation code and registration address, click the registration address, copy the invitation code, and paste it to the registration address.
Invitation code column, the invitation registration is completed.

How to get an invitation code?

When you contact online customer service through the platform's website or management, or when your friends and relatives recommend you to use the website or platform, find them
Ask for an invitation code, and after using their invitation code, you are their subordinate.